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GDPR: Ensuring your website is secure

In the run-up to the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), data shows that 86.5% of WordPress websites in the UK are vulnerable to known hackable exploits.

WhatsApp Introduces Catalogues for Small Businesses

WhatsApp’s new feature is rolling out in countries like India, the US and Indonesia to make it easier to learn about products and services businesses offer.

Prioritize and manage work better with Custom Dashboards

Have you had agents spend most of their time planning their work before executing it? Does it feel like there’s always so much data, that you lose track on what’s important? The go-to solution you’re looking for is custom dashboards.

How can you engage with your customers in a unique way?

Whether you are starting your own startup, already run a startup, or work in one. These rules are something to actually keep in mind.


CodeGuard is a service that implements an automatic website backup solution. CodeGuard monitors your site and keeps you informed of any changes while offering frequent backups and restore options so that downtime can be avoided.

Secure Sockets Layer

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an official security protocol for building encrypted links within a web server and a browser in an online conversation.

7 Simple Social Media Moves That Work

Your brand’s online presence is almost as important as its offline presence.


5,000 small and large websites are attacked everyday. Don’t risk yours!

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