The competition is fierce in today’s market.

Every business – irrespective of the industry they are associated with – aspires to stand at the cutting-edge. Marketers are gearing up for inventing new marketing strategies. Amid this competitive situation, Search Engine Optimization  has always been recognized as a great online marketing method, and it just keeps evolving for the good.

It may sound cliché, but it is still the most effective online marketing technique marketers adopt.

Assume that you have a small medical store. Will the SEO help you get more leads? Should you outsource SEO for your website?

The answer is a big ‘YES.’

Let me explain.

SEO is important for the organizational growth, and medical industry is no different.

To prove this, have a look at these stats.

  1. 1/3 of patients today are using mobiles or tablets to research and/or to book appointments. Source.
  2. 58% of health care marketers are using blogs against 74% of all marketers. Source
  3. 62% of smartphone owners are using their mobile device to search for health information. Source

These are some eye-opening statistics.

How SEO can be helpful for a business associated with the medical industry.

Do you know the 80/20 rule, which typically ends up being the 95/5 rule? If not, here’s a short description.

80/20 is a rule of thumb, meaning 80% of business revenue is generated by 20% of all its customers. And 95/5 means 95% of your results will often come from 5% of your effort.

Your job is to discover what 5% to focus on. A smart SEO might be just that!

Why is SEO important for the healthcare industry?

If truth to be told, 75% of patients use search engines prior to scheduling a visit. Source.

Internet has become people’s most reliable research tool. By using it, people try to know general medical information, evaluate specific features of hospitals and compare local healthcare service centers.

If you implement SEO techniques, you could be able to stand frontline in search engine results and patients can know about your healthcare business.

Below are some of the key benefits of implementing SEO technique.

  • Increased online visibility:

Patients can approach you only when you are visible to them. What if you have a website, but it’s not visible on the internet? How will users know about you and your healthcare service?

Just having a website won’t help you serve your purposes unless the website ranks high on the search engine page. This is where SEO comes to play a pivotal role.

The main aim of SEO campaign is to increase your site visibility in search engines and drive more traffic. SEO experts optimize your content, hone it on competitive differentiators and address your audience needs.

Most probably, users don’t want to look the 1st page of search results or below the top 2 -4 listings. SEO technology lets your website appear in top 2-4 and find by prospective patients.

  • Bring valuable visitors:

Marketing strategy is transforming. And SEO has emerged as a unique marketing approach. It drives targeted traffic to your site. It lets potential customers land at your website and seeks your services. Whether users are looking for a medical store, hospital, physician, or information on hair transplant or knee replacement, SEO helps you ‘win’ the moment by bringing valuable visitors to your site.

  • Key for mobile users:

As mentioned above, 62% of people use smartphones to search for health information. If you go to the Google search, you will find more mobile search queries than desktop queries. More interesting fact is the intention of those searches, specifically in healthcare. Today, the number of people searching for hospitals using their mobile book an appointment more than those booking appointment using desktop.

Taking the benefit of innovative marketing methods, local SEO is a must to put your facilities and physicians and other medical services front when patients are searching for these services.

  • Local Searches:

Since you are associated with the medical domain, local searches are important for you. To be very honest, patients usually want to get treatment or buy medicines from a local hospital or a local medical store. Moreover, more medical services are offered to persons working or living in a close proximity to the facility. As a result, you should want local people to find your site. In that case, an SEO company can help you get more local visitors to your website.

  • Your competitors are using SEO:

Are you seeing your competitors growing their business on a rapid pace? Most provably, they are using SEO techniques. If you fail to compete in this area or your website is not properly optimized, your competitors will outrank you in your target market. With adopting SEO methods, you are able to find key local search trends and new content opportunities, thus ensuring patients can find you and choose your hospital for the medical assistance.

  • Page optimization:

To increase the website visibility in search engine results, you need to optimize each page of your website. And, this is what done by SEO professionals. The techniques of off-page and on-page SEO include optimizing all the pages of a site by using target content, site maps, meta tag, and much more.

  • Analysis and modification:

Conducting regular analysis and modification of website is paramount. It lets the site function properly and ranks high in the search engine results. SEO specialists constantly cross check your search engine rankings, prepare traffic reports and apply proper tricks if the site is not appearing under top ten. They adjust numerous factors on the website to keep you as close to the top of search engine results as possible.


No matter whether you are a doctor, a medical representative, or a medicine supplier, you should not underestimate the importance of SEO. Your website plays significant roles in your business success in the healthcare industry. SEO has worked, currently works, and will continue to work, contributing to bring more visitors and generate leads.

Source by: Resultfirst

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