It is impossible to find a workplace today where technology does not form an important part of the job. Wither is an AI-powered too or a special coding software or even just email and Google Sheets, technology is an integral part of all businesses. Technology is also growing at a really fast rate. There is new technology everyday! And there is technology for every segment, from education to law to medicine, these are technology for everyone. It is crucial to be able to interact and work with technology whether it is a marketing or sales post or a nursing post. Even the most ‘so-called’ traditional companies use technology is some of the other ways!



Here are five industries that are investing in technology in many ways. What is it in here for you to learn? Well this article will give you ideas into various ways your company can use technology and improve its functions.

Media + Entertainment: Today is all about mobiles. Many media and entertainment companies have had to rapidly adjust to this change. The number of people reading newspapers anymore or the patience to watch television are decreasing at a high rate. Modern day consumers want services that are quick and on demand. Not just this the mode of consumption has also moved from one episode per day to one or more seasons of a show being consumed in a day. 68.7 percent of our customers in media and entertainment are using at least one developer tool, which makes it the second-highest industry taking advantage of those tools.


Technology: If you work in a technology agency or know someone who works their, count the number of apps the work with each day. It should not be a surprise that tech companies are trying to improve their functions (enhancing security, speeding up processes, automating etc) to increase employee efficiency and decrease the number of errors. The tech industry used the highest number of distinct apps in 2017 at 1,910. And, they lead the charge in adoption of developer tools — our findings show that 69.4 percent of technology companies in our network used at least one developer tool in 2017.



Finance and banking: Finance and banking are probably one of the most traditional agencies that are becoming technologically advanced each year. More and more people have stopped walking into a bank physically. There is a shift in the preferred mode of transaction from cash to wallets and cards. Banks have started offer services over apps to adjust to the changing trends.




Healthcare: Organizations in the world of biotech, pharma and healthcare saw a 36 percent increase in median number of apps used from 2016 to 2017 — a sign that this industry is also breaking out of its shell. In India apps like Practo and 1mg are gaining popularity. With the increase in the number of apps used by everybody,  this industry doesn’t want to be left behind. This industry is also arming itself with more and more security updates.



Education: Lastly, education has now become a big business industry in the country. The industry is growing at a large rate in terms of scope as well as technology. More and more apps like coursera are being developed and a lot of schools and universities are also using apps to improve processes. This industry has entered the digital age and this is the one you need to look out for.



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Source:  INC

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