It is impossible to find a workplace today where technology does not form an important part of the job. Either is an AI-powered too or a special coding software or even just email and Google Sheets, technology is an integral part of all businesses.

Technology is also growing at a really fast rate. There is new technology everyday! And there is technology for every segment, from education to law to medicine, these are technology for everyone. It is crucial to be able to interact and work with technology whether it is a marketing or sales post or a nursing post. Even the most ‘so-called’ traditional companies use technology is some of the other ways!

Even when companies are looking for new employees, candidates with tech skills are preferred. A while ago, a simple diploma would be enough to get a job, now, candidates are doing certification courses, online courses, distance learning and what not to be a notch higher than the other candidates during job selection. Job-seekers are filling their resumés with General Assembly certifications, Udacity courses, social media experience,  Microsoft Office Certifications etc.

While looking at the research we saw a recent study which said that at least half jobs in the top income quartile companies required applicants to have some basic tech or coding knowledge. Some companies have also started looking at their applicants’ online presence to see if they are ‘social media savvy’ in a way before they are hired.

In response to these changes, colleges and universities are introducing IT Literacy programs as a part of the core courses. Some schools are even going as far as introducing social media MBAs. for those who have not gotten the opportunity to step up their tech skills in universities are joining boot camps and tech-related online courses. New and new such short-term courses are being created. In 2017 alone, coding schools graduated over 22,000 students, while around 23 million new learners signed up for their first MOOCs. These programs offer job seekers opportunities to build up their resumés in their current occupations or to switch fields altogether.

Not just this, companies are encouraging already existing employees to become a part of their new learning trend. Tech Giants like Google is also involved in various such training. The ‘learn with Google AI’ which teaches the basics of AI is one such example. This focus on continuous learning and honing skills are increasingly permeating corporate culture.

The future of work is changing almost as fast as technology is advancing, so the tools and technology being utilized in jobs today could be obsolete by the time the graduates of 2025 enter the workforce. The only way to stay competitive, no matter what field you’re in, is to learn continuously. A college degree is necessary, but not sufficient—and in the future may become even less relevant.

It is highly evident that people are interested in the continuous learning process. And it is a necessary trend. Microlearning, specialization is what is necessary for success in the present business scenario. And not just the present but the future of work is going to be determined by technology and highly specialized job profiles. Companies are looking for experts in the smallest of things.

So for everyone out these who are looking for a job Who is employed, or who will be looking for a job in the next some years. Here’s some advice for you! Keep Learning! No matter what industry you are in, the more you learn the more you stand out in the market!

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