Unless you have been living under a rock we are sure you know about the $16 billion deal that gives Walmart a 77% stake in india’s largest startup Flipkart! We here will tell you what you should know about the deal and what is in the deal for your business and what you need to learn from it. Sachin Bansal is exiting flipkart by selling his 5.5% stake to Walmart.


This deal is HUGE for India! Why? Because this is the biggest deal in startup history! This has wiped out a lot of losses of a lot of entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem. Not just that, it has established that Indian entrepreneurs are highly credible and directed the world’s attention to the indian startup ecosystem. It is also a big win for stock options! There are going to be hundreds of ESOP millionaires.

This deal will change the retail landscape in india as Walmart will take over flipkart’s battle with amazon to a global stage!


Everything from things such as grocery to construction materials like cement is on e-commerce. And you should be there too! Here’s why?

  1. India is seen to be a major growth opportunity for e-commerce.
  2. The market for e-commerce is projected to grow three-fold this year according to some estimates.
  3. From a customer perspective, not only is e-commerce convenient, and saves time, it is also more trustworthy most of the times if you are buying from the official website.
  4. From the retailer/business owner’s perspective, it is easy to manage, saves fixed costs like rent and allows you to engage with your customers directly without taking help from middlemen.
  5. With the growth of smartphones (literally everyone owns smartphones) and also the launch of 4G networks the e-commerce industry is expected to grow dramatically.
  6. E-commerce has attracted a lot of customers from tier 2 and tier 3 cities because of its features such as convenience and connectedness.
  7. With increased awareness, there has been a significant rise in online trading and also an increase in investment in the e-commerce business.

Digital Agencies such as Think Technology Services has been getting the Small and Medium Enterprise Businesses online since the last more than a decade. We can very clearly see that there is an urgent need for businesses whether in the FMCG sector or otherwise to build their own website and be on the internet. With the recent statistics about growth in the e-commerce segment and its various advantages, you should be there now!!! Visit us at www.ithink.co to know how to be there for your customers physically as well as virtually.


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