Are you an entrepreneur or aiming to be? Well, I’m sure you know that entrepreneurs perform a lot of functions from managing the company to managing sales, to also becoming the customer support executive and a lot of other functions. One of the real advantages bigger businesses have is that there are people within the organization who are hired and trained to handle these different sorts of specialized duties; lawyers are in charge of the legal department, accountants run accounting, and so on. Entrepreneurs on the other hand usually don’t have enough funds or skills to be able to do all tasks which eventually do in their venture.

Here are some things to keep in mind while to make your work more efficient as an entrepreneur.


  • Make a list of your non-essential duties:

Decide what are those things that are important for you to do and not do. The kind of things that are better when left to someone else. Your valuable time should likely be spent dealing with important customers, getting more business, thinking strategically, and marketing. Of course in your particular business, there are other things that only you can handle and you need to handle those. And I am sure you know that as an entrepreneur or small business owner for that matter, you do spend a lot of time doing things that could be assigned to someone else.



  • Make a list of things you are not particularly good at:

Other than that make another list. This time about tasks that you don’t have skills for. These take a lot of time and often happen incorrectly. It is not the best use of your and your company’s time. Remember that TIME is the most important resource.




  • Delegate to those around you already:

Now that you know what you aren’t great at, look at your employees, your spouse or your kids. They may be more capable than you think they are. Give them these extra duties and maybe even challenge them to prove themselves.




  • Bring in help:

As an entrepreneur, you often think why to hire someone when you can do it yourself. Well, that is the short-sighted approach. Brink in help (contractors, employees, interns, part-timers, whatever) to ease the burden doesn’t cost, it pays.

4.5. Tap technology:

There is one thing you need to realize. There is almost no problem that cannot be solved by technology. Try to get in tech help by outsourcing (it’s cheaper) a let them solve problems and offer you solutions. Your business will not only flourish, it will become a preferred choice because it is high in tech innovation. Think Technology are your technology experts that provide solutions for your business.

Source:  INC

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