Why this blog on a space that talks about technology? Well, technology comes out of ideas and for ideas your head needs to be clear. And for clarity of mind you need have decluttered your life. Hence this is the kind of article that is relevant to anyone who works with ideas. As years pass and you are still living and working in the same space, it tends to get cluttered. Here are three fundamental strategies when you want to declutter your place.

  1. Simplify – 

    Go gradually, with bags and bins, and go room by room. First throw the kind of stuff away that you are not sure if you need want. Once you collect it, separate it into four categories trash; recycle; thrift or gift; and consign, sell, or trade.

  2. Clarify – 

    With the remaining items, bring like things together. Pick out the smaller things and invest in ziplock bags and black marker pens. This makes separating and finding stuff easier. The goal is to make everything–seriously, everything–easy to find and easy to reach but out of the way.

  3. Inspire – 

    Finally design. Think about aesthetics, prioritizing things as per the frequency that they are used, and where you want the most flexibility in a space. Remember the 80/20 rule, which says, We typically love 20 percent of our stuff and are ambivalent or don’t like the rest. The goal is to flip that.


What do you think the results might look like for you? Well for one your house will look like a beautiful space and it will be organized. You will enjoy living and working there. But most importantly you will learn that where you stay and work makes a BIG difference in approaching life with a purpose, make an impact, and live fully.

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Source: INC

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