An e-commerce web site or online store without sales is a liability that can bring down the brand name of the company. Information spreads very fast in the online mode, and staying competitive is the only solution.

The highly popular website most desirable products and services using a well-designed website. Highly effective design elements are essential for driving the leads and attract customers who actually make a purchase or place an order.

Various factors such as market dynamics, current trends, user needs, and business goals play a vital role in determining the success or failure of an online venture.

The best website design company anywhere in the world has to deliver websites that are functional, user friendly, and above all, ensure high quality traffic that can drive up the sales in a consistent manner.

Selling products and services has many traditional obstacles, and online stores encounter additional disadvantages. The price competition is very high and snap judgements are not rare either.

To overcome the hurdles, the web stores have to constantly innovate and provide appealing design elements for enhancing the brand name and ensure profitable sales figures.

Take a look at the sequence of events that needs to transpire for ensuring a successful transaction on any e-commerce web site-

  • The information superhighway of internet has heavy traffic, and directing people to the web site is the first objective.
  • The landing page or homepage has to be attractively designed to hold the attention of the customer for some minimal amount of time.
  • The design elements such as layout, menus, icons, brand logo, photos, etc., have to be eye catchy and provide an invitation to the customer to stay longer.
  • The textual content has to satisfy design parameters as well as contextual requirements including meaningful headings, bullet points, sales pitch, keywords, and targeted writing style.
  • The inventory of products and services have to be displayed with appropriate design elements including text, pictures, prices, discounts, quantity, etc.,
  • The customer has to be engaged with interactive features and calls to action that encourage subscriptions, order placements, and instant purchases.
  • The order forms, online cart and checkout counters should function without errors or time delays as this makes some customers lose interest.
  • The payments, verification process, and other transaction details have to be secure and trustworthy.

It is obvious that 80% of online salesmanship involves driving the correct leads and convincing the customer through hint-filled design elements. A professional web development company provides comprehensive services that includes web design, SEO, SEM, Social Media Support, Advertising, Mailing Campaigns, Web Indexing, Search Engine Analytics, and many more.

However, the following 6 high priority web design elements have the wherewithal to drive leads and increase sales.

  1. SEO Strategies

SEO friendly web design elements are essential for driving quality traffic to the web site. The URL, Meta tags, Meta descriptions, keywords, key phrases, HTML headers, inline text links, etc, are incorporated into the design architecture to attract buying customers who can drive up the sales

  1. Engaging Landing Pages

The landing page, which is usually the home page, has to highlight USP, featured products and services as well as CTA. The benefits and contact details should also be displayed along with attractive brand logo, motto, symbol, photo, etc.

  1. Testimonial Evidence

Customers tend to mimic one another, and trendy products or services catch on rapidly in the online mode. Positive reviews, badges of honour, star ratings, words of praise, etc., are effective enough to influence an instant order placement or sale.

  1. Brand Recognition

Digital marketing relies on intuitive layouts, user friendliness, interactive patterns, screen responsiveness, and brand recognition to generate positive results. Unique design elements and stylized presentation itself can catch on and become very popular over a period of time.

  1. Persuasive Call To Actions

A simple form for newsletters, subscriptions, online orders, downloading freebies, discount offers, special sales, etc., can have a magical effect in increasing profits or enlarging the mailing lists. Social media invites have also become very common with familiar icons and engaging CTA.

  1. Magic Marketing Words

Sales requires demand, desire, trust, money, and thoughtful decisions which take time. Magic words by marketing experts have to be placed strategically to give the right kind of stimulus to the customers. They react or respond positively to well-designed elements such as small or large text size, familiar or stylish fonts, colours, themes, pictures, animation, and even videos.

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